Keeping Score – How to Use Business Processes to Increase Cash Flow



Business infrastructure is all about people, processes, and tools working in unison to support your small business’ expansion. With this free report, you’ll specifically learn how to use a business process to increase cash flow in your fast-growing company.

Product Description

Is your business busier without the revenue to prove it? Keeping Score is based on the real story of Olivia Dumonde, a muralist in San Francisco, California who has more business than she can handle. Walk in Olivia’s shoes as she discovers the source of her cash flow problem and steps to improve.

As your business grows, the need for a stable infrastructure becomes paramount to getting more profit.  This free report illustrates a real-life example of how one business owner evaluated and transformed her business operations into a profitable system. Keeping Score gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a do-it-yourself blueprint to solve even the most difficult cash flow problems.

Follow in the footsteps of a muralist in San Francisco as she applies my 7-step approach to create an Accounts Receivable process for better managing her growing small business’ cash flow.

Understand how it’s possible to have more business than you can handle, but no cash to show for it.

Learn how to look at a process flowchart to visualize operational bottlenecks and develop techniques for streamlining the process.


Do you have documented processes for your day-to-day business operations? Download this free report today and see how one woman turned her cash flow problems around virtually overnight.