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Your Business Is
Growing, Now What?

Business Infrastructure DiagnosticTM

Grow with Less Pain
Rapid business growth is an exciting time for any company until the day you realize there is more work than you can realistically handle well. Without a good infrastructure in place, it is nearly impossible to maintain maximum efficiency and profitability.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we can help you add structure and stability to your fast growing company. Based on our KasennuTM model, we apply a seven point diagnostic to your business operations, giving you a blueprint to employ immediately.

Managing Fast Growth
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Job Task Analysis

Get Paid More for Your Time


Fast growth requires delegation. As the CEO, you maintain your business’ profitability and good name. But, hiring the wrong people can result in poor performance, procrastination, or worse, loss of control. This point of the Kasennu™ model saves your company from task redundancy, improper work distribution, and chaos by:

  • Placing tasks into categories, both by department and by the employees behind these tasks
  • Serving as a platform to design work space and job descriptions
  • Giving you a plan for managing that is easy to articulate and share with others
  • Delegating work to fit with core competencies of the workers for better time management and work quality
  • Increasing productivity by synchronizing activities across all departments
  • Focusing on what you do best through smart, strategic task allocation
  • Luring and retaining top talent through better negotiating of employee salaries and independent contractor fees
Organizational Design

Here’s Your Solution to Better Management


Unfortunately, many small businesses try to build from the top down instead of the bottom up. This slows progress because you need a good foundation to support growth.This point of the Kasennu™ model is a good supplement to your existing business plan because it helps you achieve the benefits of big company management without the bureaucracy by:

  • Working in tandem with the Business Parts Analysis to illustrate the lines of communication within your company
  • Creating a chain of command that keeps you informed without bogging you down in unnecessary details
  • Reinforcing the optimal combination of employees and independent contractors
  • Giving you a visual hiring strategy that can be shared with others to identify current and unfilled positions, as well as promotion opportunities
  • Establishing your company’s operational scope, organizational maturity, and scalability
  • Providing documentation to work with the government and larger corporations
E-Records Management

Avoid the Chaos of a Sudden Computer Interruption


Losing critical data, even temporarily, can be just as damaging as viruses, theft, and system breaches. This point of the Kasennu™ model makes it clear how to secure confidential and sensitive information so your company’s network and hard drives are easy to navigate, backup, and recover if you ever lose access by:

  • Organizing electronic documents, emails, videos, and images in a system that makes sense to everyone
  • Cataloging your software licenses for easy updates and troubleshooting
  • Recovering from electronic disasters quicker through well-documented procedures
  • Producing documentation requests within minutes not hours
  • Minimizing downtime with storage solutions and airtight security measures
  • Saving time by giving sales and field representatives remote access to important information
  • Creating a knowledge database to aid as a management tool
  • Establishing a protocol for creating, retaining, and backing up your customer electronic records
Paper Records Management

The Answer to “Light” Recordkeeping


Consistent and transparent record keeping methods can make or break your business, especially when you are being audited or are in danger of a lawsuit or license suspension. You need an audit-ready system so you stay compliant with local laws and regulations. This point of the Kasennu™ model develops a protocol for creating, storing, and archiving your documents by:

  • Decreasing staff dependence on one or more individuals to locate files
  • Improving productivity by eliminating wasted time searching for information
  • Filing tax returns on time and saving money in potential extensions
  • Passing audits and qualifying for certifications and industry licenses
  • Preparing for litigation with easy-to-find evidence to prove your case
  • Catching errors and minimizing unnecessary billing, tax, and payroll fees
  • Organizing a paper-based backup system in case of digital loss or breaches
Work Space Logistics

Easy Solutions to Optimize Your Work Space


While some view a desk full of papers as a sign of productivity and “busyness,” others may be concerned their information will get lost. No matter how much or how little clutter you currently have, office clutter is still there. This point of the Kasennu™ model works in tandem with Paper Records Management to create an office space that makes a good first-impression by:

  • Saving you money on office rental fees through optimal use of virtual and physical workspace
  • Consolidating or creating work zones based on how you, staff, and customers interact with each other for more effective information exchange
  • Identifying or setting aside work areas to accommodate future staff
  • Passing OSHA, ADA and other legally required office and retail space inspections
  • Relocating into new office or retail space with minimal downtime
  • Creating a comfortable environment that matches your work style and company culture
Service Delivery Process

The Secret to Reputation Management


Customer loyalty is a common buzz word these days, which is a fancy way of saying you want to keep your reputation intact. Consistent, quality work output is the requirement to generate positive feelings with your customers. When small businesses bite off more than they can chew, they usually over-promise and under-deliver. This point of the Kasennu™ model helps you maintain or improve customer experience by:

  • Documenting sequential steps for delivering quality service every time
  • Integrating various tools into your process, including smarter buying decisions for electronic, online, and social media technology
  • Showing you how to use automation to handle more volume without sacrificing quality
  • Increasing revenue by shortening delivery time
  • Improving communication among customers and staff
Operations Manual

Help for Those Who Need to Let Go


Information hoarding is the practice of thinking that no one can do things the way you can. Your business must be able to operate without you there. Worry-free vacations are not only possible, but a realistic goal for business owners looking to sell, franchise, or open additional locations.This point of the Kasennu™ model documents critical processes so that operations continue without your daily presence by:

  • Documenting highly detailed, precise company operations
  • Establishing process metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to expose inefficiencies, measure performance, and make adjustments as necessary
  • Leveraging intelligence to design a salable, replicable business
  • Jumpstarting new employees through well-documented training manuals
  • Setting performance-based controls for staff accountability and minimizing sabotage through a monitored system of checks & balances
  • Creating a pitch-ready presentation of your business concept to investors
  • Increasing equity through intellectual property valuation that can be patented, copyrighted, or kept as a trade secret